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The other side is a brief 10 minute commute from our first Hotel The Ocean View. It's an off-grid facility that offers a unique experience where you can disconnect and refocus. The rooms are a humble mix of tents, sheds, shacks, and huts providing a simple casual yet homely approach to hospitality. The hotel is powered primarily by solar energy and we grow organic vegetables and salads on-site for our guests to enjoy. There's a gorgeous  ocean water swimming pool free of chlorine and other chemicals and our beach is private beach away from the masses that tend to encroach on beauty and is a little calmer on the other side.



Our Rooms 

At the other Side we offer four room types - the spacious tents, hill top shacks and  sheds and cosy huts, all of which overlook our private beach. Each room provides simple amenities such as Wi-Fi and air conditioning, but shy away from other conventions such TVs and in room phones. 


Our restaurant 

The TOS restaurant is small and quaint, with mostly outdoor dining under a large shade sail with a beautiful vista populated by swaying coconut trees and the turquoise bay. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner but in order to maximise tranquility and privacy outside guests are generally limited in number and welcome for lunch only. The menu draws primarily from local ingredients many of which come from either the ocean in front of the hotel or from the farm on property. 




The other side is secluded but far from isolated. It is perfectly positioned a mere 7 minute boat ride from the bustling town of Dunmore, Harbour Island where a multitude of restaurants, shops, bars and activities such as horse back riding and scuba diving are at your fingers tips...The other side sits on a beautiful bay with limited wave action and so stand up paddle boarding on calm days is a delight to just float and relax with passing turtles and rays. However if a road excursion is more intriguing then the expanse of Eleuthera with dozens of deserted beaches, historic caves, secret Blue holes, quiet surfing spots and sleepy settlements lie in wait to be explored...


Our story 

The other side emerged from a long history that dates back to the 1700s...The owner's ancestors were among those recruited by the British to rid Nassau of Spanish invaders...Through their participation and the success of the mission the descendants of those men have had the right to use (but never own) a large acreage land on the opposing shore of Harbour Island known as the Commonage (a sort of Bahamian reservation) which is where the Other Side is built.  With a machete in hand the owner and his brother rambled over rocks to find the ideal location settling next to a small beach with a rocky outcrop between two large Casuarina Trees that perfectly framed entrance to the Harbour (where our current dock is). Initially the owners (Ben and Charlotte) used the spot for weekend camping, building a deck and erecting a little weekender tent. The final pursuit of a larger project ultimately grew from the life changing event of  parenthood and the desire to create an environment to raise their children close to nature and to alternative sustainable ways of life. 




The Other Side located in Bottom Harbour, Eleuthera about 8 mins away from Harbour Island. The Closest Airport is North Eleuthera (ELH) and you can get to us via Miami with American Airlines, via Atlanta with Delta, Via Fort Lauderdale with Silver Airways. The Capital of the Bahamas is Nassau and number airlines land there including British Airways, Jetblue and Spirit. From there you can use Pineapple Air, Southern Air and few charters such as Coco Seaplane, Bahama Hoppers and Golden wings. Charters from the US such as Tropic Airways and Makers Air are good options if you'd like seaplanes or a private commute into North Eleuthera. 

Once you land in North Eleuthera you'll need to take 5 minute taxi to the port where our Tender and Captain will greet you and take on the 8 min boat ride to the Other Side hotel. Please don't ask any random boat to take to the Other Side because you'll just end up on the 'other side' ie harbour island. (Very confusing we know) Alternatively (and in adverse weather or if you have aversion to boats...) one can take a 15 minute land taxi to our facility. 

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