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Little Island Design is our event planning business. Our experienced team curates beautiful events at our properties and other little hotels around the islands..

The Ocean View Club - our beach house. Laid back, a little quirky...For those that prefer a more social scene, a busier but beautiful beach and proximity to shops  and restaurants.  

The Other Side - our Glamping site. For those that want to enjoy a simple rustic getaway with a little touch glamour on it's own private beach. A place to unplug but not completely if you don't want to... 

The Farm - our farm space - small beautiful cottages for those that are enjoy sustainability and want to rejuvenate, eat cleanly, relax, work out and enjoy the simple pleasures of life...

The Current - our next project - For those whose with  imagination and desire for exploration, to go were the 'current' takes them. A work in progress in the design/approval phase. 

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