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Welcome to the FARM - this is the latest addition or third extension to our growing Hotel Brand. The Farm focuses on creating a little oasis of calm away from the ever more chaotic world; a return to the earth if you will. Completely powered by solar energy we explore new ways to relax and thrive through health and sustainability. The namesake references the fact that the accommodations are built around the large organic farm that supplies vegetables to our other hotels, but also examines alternative food production techniques including aquaponics, agri-voltaics and Arboriculture. It is a adventure and grand experiment that we hope you will join us on. We're currently under construction and targeting a Fall 2024 opening. 



The Rooms..

Are currently under construction but our fist few prototypes have been built. Essentially there will be two principle types - Large and Small. Large Cottages which will feature large veranda and spacious open plan king bedroom. The small Cottages will be a little more petite but with the flexibility to convert from a king to a double twin and house stowaway children. The basics of wifi, AC and nesspresso for coffee and a kettle for tea will be provided. 

Farm to table..


The farm has been functional for the last four years as an amateur-ish inquiry into farming that has been relatively successful at providing produce to our Existing establishments. The future on-site restaurant is still in the design process but the current direction is a vegetarian expression of food, celebrating the produce that we grow on property and exploring simple, healthy, yet unfussy cuisine. In addition we will be selling the produce we harvest or source locally and potentially 'a few' imported finer products for the local community to purchase as well as a frock or two...we shall see!



How it started...

The farm story started about 15 years ago when an Irish expat from Donegal convinced the owner (Ben) to come farm with him in the area. Together they contracted a tractor (paid part in goat) to clear an old road and find a suitable location to start a farm. While navigating through the old track road the tractor struck a large metal pipe. On further investigation it was revealed to be a well with fresh water within it...While quite a distance from the desired location, the accidental discovery of a functioning well made the decision - the farm would start on that spot. We cleared the land but never really got to growing anything (apart from weeds).. A few years later a creative and charming guest looking to burn off the cold winters of Nantucket down south helped us work out the infrastructure of the Other Side (our second hotel) and later turned his hand to laying out 143 garden beds in the farm and creating a simple rock walled court yard. From that seed many possibilities grew of which the current incarnation of a little farm lodge is one...

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