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The other side rooms are a quirky blend of a casual campsite but with a few more conventional hotel amenities (dare we say luxuries) thrown into the mix. We have 12 rooms in total - 4 sets of three - with distinctive characteristics that make each special in their own way. The Tents and Huts are located along the ocean front - our biggest and smallest units side by side, while the Sheds and Shacks populate the hill over looking the property's private beach. 



This is the glamor side of our camping experience. Each 'tent' is composed of approximately 800 squarefoot bedroom and a 300 square foot 'out house' with a spacious shower and outdoor bathtub. Inside the tent is furnished with a large four poster bed, two loveseats, Nespresso machine, his and her wardrobes and work tables, AC and occasionally functioning internet. 



We first built the tents, we then built the shacks - thatch roofed cottages perched on the hill over looking the other side's private beach. Each cottage is about 700 square feet which includes the bed room, bathroom, walkin closet and shower. In addition a spatious sundeck affords a beautiful view of the harbour and a private lookout that feels like you're floating on tree tops. The basics - Nespresso, AC and occasionally functioning internet are also provided. 



The sheds like the shacks rest on the highest elevations of the hotel and with huge transparent gable ends they provide dramatic vista's to enjoy from one's bed or the bath tub in the corner. They're a little bigger than the shacks with about 850 square feet of living space including the the Bathroom, built in wardrobes, sofa and desk. Basics - Nespresso, AC, and sometimes functioning internet provided. 



The huts are a our smallest accomadation at about 400 square feet size, but there there is alot packed into them... The front sitting room includes a day bed and space for a stowaway child while the back room boast a cosy light filled bedroom that opens onto a private back-porch with a outdoor bathtub which connects to an indoor/outdoor shower and bathroom. Each is fondly themed to owners favorite childhood comic - Tintin. The bedroom has AC, the front room with an extra bed does not. There is Nespresso and spotty internet also available. 

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