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The Ocean View Club is where it all started - the childhood home of the current owners. It's a small and charming house style hotel with a  few beach cottages situated on the beautiful Pink sands Beach.  The atmosphere is casual, homely, and a little bit quirky. There is a sense of  antiquity as  one enters the lobby, passing the 'honor bar' to layers of unfolding terraces and tents that lead down to pink powder sand and the ocean view...



Our Rooms 

The ocean view accommodations are eclectic and modest mix of beach front 'shacks' and ocean facing rooms located in the main house. Some are old, some new, some small, some a little bigger than others, but thoughtfully composed with the basics - AC, Nespresso, semi-working wifi but more importantly close proximity to the beach and ocean. 


Our restaurant 

..certainly celebrates the name of the property. Dining is offered under our large tents where one can enjoy the stunning 'ocean view'. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and are 'minimally' open to out side guests at any time.  The menu is simple, somewhat bahamian-esque with a few starters, a few mains and daily desserts. Most of our Ingredients are sourced from local farmers, fishermen, our on site salad garden and larger farm in Eleuthera. 




The Ocean View is situated on the world famous Pink sands beach and a few minutes walk from the picturesque town of Dunmore. Restaurants, nightclubs, Marinas and little boutiques are scattered throughout the island waiting to be discovered on foot or by golf cart. One can horse back ride, scuba dive or take a boat to picnic on deserted beaches and swim with friendly rays...There is alway something to explore.


Our Story

The Ocean View Club has a rich history spanning for more than 50  years...The current owner's grandmother acquired the property in the early 70s but was not well suited to the Hotelier's  profession and so the ingenuity of running a small hotel in the middle of nowhere was embraced by her daughter Pip. The original 1970s slogan of the hotel was 'Ocean View promise's nothing' - a tongue in cheek double entendre disclaimer to the amenities of the destination and tranquility that having 'nothing' provides...To say Harbour Island is a different island now would be understatement. For over 35 years Pip curated Ocean View as a home to raise her two  children and as a business to provide for them and her team, crafting a unique form of authentic hospitality. This intersection of home and hotel made Ocean View a special place to acknowledge and celebrate that life is rarely perfect (the power goes out, the town can run out of water, sometimes the food and fuel boat doesn't make it etc) but it can be beautiful, simple and fun. For the last decade her eldest son Ben and his wife Charlie have taken the reins albeit less hands on as they continue to refine, grow and adapt the business to a changing world and stranger times... 




The Ocean View club is located at the end of Court street over looking the pink sand beach. The Closest Airport is North Eleuthera (ELH) and you can get to us via Miami with American Airlines, via Atlanta with Delta, Via Fort Lauderdale with Silver Airways. The Capital of the Bahamas is Nassau and number airlines land there including British Airways, Jetblue and Spirit. From there you can use Pineapple Air, Southern Air and few charters such as Coco Seaplane, Bahama Hoppers and Golden wings. Charters from the US such as Tropic Airways and Makers Air are good options if you'd like seaplanes or a private commute into North Eleuthera. 

Once you land in North Eleuthera you'll need to take 5 minute taxi to the port, another 5 minute water taxi to Harbour island and finally a 2 minute taxi to the Hotel. If you'd prefer a private transfer for each leg of this journey our concierge team can assist and will reach out after booking with us but feel free to shoot a note if you have a question or too. 

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