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We're excited to have you to have come stay with us soon! The link below will take you to our booking engine and you can make your reservation online there however please make sure to do the following: 


1. Please make sure which Hotel you are intending stay at! The Other Side & The FARM are on Eleuthera and Ocean View is  on Harbour Island - a subtle but important difference.  The Farm is right next to the The Other Side! The booking engine will show all options unless otherwise advised. So make sure you clearly toggle which accommodations you'd like to see availability for. 

2. If you don't see availability - that doesn't mean there isn't any! Personally we're not a fan of online booking in favor of a human to human process...which is why we've held off so long offering it (but we get it - it's easier)... The engine will only show results that exactly match your request however our charming reservation specialist can assist with the wider options that might be available including splitting your stay between our properties. You can reach Ms Dee right - HERE!


Booking link below...

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