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We are grateful and fortunate to have enjoyed some modest coverage by the international press. Here are a few selections of that kind coverage. 


"In the Pink"

An oldie from Pip's (Ben's Mother) tenor of the Ocean View Club... Almost 30 years old it is interesting note what has changed and what hasn't on the little rock called 'Briland'..."There are none of the usual signs of a discovered placed...Nothing that could be considered a "scene"..."No hotel of the moment...Life revolves mostly around four guesthouses." Simpler times... 


"Where sand meets the sea"

Little Island's first Brides magazine feature. Ben and Charlie were a few years into doing decor, flowers and catering for pop beach events and about to move into the hotel business. The wedding was a simple boho-elegant affair and 'Cha-cha' the little red skiff never looked so good... 


"All in the Family"

Conde Nast were kind to do feature on the Ocean View Club just after Ben and Charlie took operational contral of the property..2015.. It was a crazy year - Taking over the family business, figuring out how to make it work, folding in the wedding operations,  beginning the construction of the new hotel in Eleuthera (the other side) and becoming a parents (!) top it all off Ben lost a kidney in the same year. It's nice to have this article to sort of punctuate and capture the moment... .


'Bahamian skies'

One of the larger wedding productions at the time. We worked with a talented DFW Events for a special pop up event with  3 tents, custom dance-floor, four course dinner and served and produced all on the beach without running power or water...