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The Ocean VIew's twelve Rooms are an eclectic mix of Tent-cottages, refurbished Shacks, and assorted rooms within the old Beach house. The main hotel was built in the 50s and houses six of our rooms - there are two Little rooms and two suits under terrace and two moderately sized rooms flanking the main lobby. There are four Shacks and two Tent cottages that are positioned along the beach in front of the hotel. All of  our accommodations are air conditioned, have wifi (sometimes spotty), Nespresso machines and a few have mini-fridges. 



Marley and Tree-trunk are our Tent-cottages: Tented cabins overlooking the pink's sands Beach. While not our largest units they undoubtedly have the best views of the ocean framed by decades old coconut trees - one doesn't get a better view of a sunrise from bed. Marley is named after a old 'pot cake' (a Bahamian mixed breed pooch) that resided at the Hotel in late 90s and had an affinity for sleeping with the guests. Tree-trunk for the two 40' palm trees that protrude through's it's roof. Wifi, AC, mini-fridges, and Nespresso machine are provided in both. 



There are 4 beach cottages - Pips, Boys, Kitchen. In the 50s and 60s they were changing rooms for house owners in the town to keep beach equipment and change before taking a dip. Pip is the Matriarch of the Hotel - landing on the island in mid 70s she renovated several the 'changing rooms' into modest shacks to raise her two boys (Ben and Will) beside the Hotel. When the boys went off to school in Ireland their cottage (Boy's) became a guest room. Pip later followed her boys to the Emerald Isle and her cottage (Pip's) and their 'Kitchen' became a guest room also. All cottages have Ac, Wifi, Nespresso Machines and a mini-fridges. Pip's cottage is the largest at around 800 square-feet with a cute outside bathtub. Boys is smallest at about 350 square feet and Kitchen comes in around 450 square-feet and has a little bath inside as well. 



The 'the suites' are positioned under the main terrace of the hotel. The suite's are spacious with a day bed in the bathroom which affords a extra child in tow if necessary. There's wifi, ac, Nespresso. No Mini Fridge. 



The main house Ocean View Rooms are located in the main house of the hotel (Disclaimer: they can be a little noisy during dining hours). The have king size beds and wonderful views looking out to the ocean. They have the basics AC, wifi and Nespresso but no mini fridges.