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The farm accommodations are collection of large and small thatched roof cottages bordering an immense farming endeavour deployed just over next to our second hotel the Other Side.  We have twelve in total - 8 large cottages and 4 smaller ones -  half of which are split between the pool and the vegetable garden side of the property. The entire property is powered by a vast solar array that simultaneously provides for protection and shade for our hydroponic and poultry efforts. 

Large Cottages 


The large cottages feature a large open plan bedroom with a clawfoot bathtub sitting un-bashfully in the center of the room along with two love seats. The king side bed is nestled to one end in front of massive black and white vintage mural. A small bathroom is tucked behind the main with bedroom with a lavatory and shower. The spacious front veranda has a desk, sofa and large table. There is of A/c, starlink powered wifi, Coffee Machine and kettle.  The cottage is big enough accommodate to two additional stowaway children on rollaway beds. 


Small Cottages 

The farm's smaller cottages have a more modest foot print at around 400 square feet for the bedroom but tucked into the space are double sinks, double wardrobes, two out door lounge areas (one with a clawfoot bathtub) and work desk. The room is typically set as a double twins but can be converted into a king.  A/c, coffee machine, kettle and Starlink powered wifi are also provided. 

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